Budgeting and Cost Reporting Costs...the most scary part of your build. Controlling the costs of any construction or residential building project is the most critical part of your project.
Quantity Surveying services provides an accurate budget for your build, whether it’s an extension, renovation or a new home project. Monitoring your costs as the project progresses is also crucial for the success of the build and more importantly, your peace of mind.

To help you budget successfully and monitor your costs, Metric Project Management offers a Quantity Surveying service. You can choose from:

Design Stage Costs Assessment

Simply put, this is a ‘topline’ cost assessment prepared by our quantity surveyor, based on preliminary drawings and outline specification notes together with any other relevant information such as a Structural Engineer’s recommendation for a particular type of foundation.

Budget Cost Assessment

This is a three stage service which offers an initial Design Stage Costs Assessment and up to two further revisions by our QS as your design evolves. As your design becomes more detailed, we are able to incorporate the new information to create a more accurate cost estimate breakdown for your project.

Site Valuations

Once your build has started, we can continue to help you keep your finances on track by monitoring and reporting the total spend versus budget. Don't leave your budgeting to chance - investing in quantity surveying services for your building project is possibly the best money that you'll ever spend.