How experienced is your company?

We have been operating in the greater Cape Town area for the past 9 years, with a dedicated group of staff that has grown with us through during this time in experience and expertise. We have combined experience of over 20 years in the trade.

How many installations has your company done?

To many...

Are you equally qualified in commercial and residential installations and maintenance?

Yes we are. Over the years we have gained a vast variety of loyal clients ranging from large industrial installations to being entrusted with fine luxury installations in homes.

What are your qualifications and associated bodies?

We are registered with the Department of Labour as an electrical contractor and regulated by the Western Cape Electrical Inspection Authority. Each team is headed up by a qualified electrician with certifications ranging from Single Phase Testers to Installation Qualified Electricians. All our workmen are permanently employed and covered for injuries or accidents.

What sets you apart as a company?

Our first focus is always to change the perception of contractors from simply being tradesmen, to being a quality service provider and trusted partner. Electricity is essential to so many aspects of modern life and we strive to make the providing thereof as convenient and seamless as possible.

What guarantees do you have on the materials you use?

As a company we have learnt through vast experience which brands and materials are best suited to various applications and stick to premium providers with guarantees on fittings ranging from one month to 15 years.

What are the most important benefits of the homes you build?

Our project coordinators work hand in hand with the best architects to ensure we deliver your dream home with top workmanship, on time and in budget.

What type of warranty do you offer?

We work with the standard JBCC Building agreement. This contract is the most widely used contract in South Africa, and the only contract accepted by all the financial institutions in South Africa when applying for finance. The JBCC building agreement makes allowances for this.

What type of warranty do you offer?

We offer workmanship warranties ranging from 1-6 months.

What energy-saving features do you promote and incorporate into your installations?

We have a responsibility to our clients and the environment to provide cost and energy-savvy solutions. From basics such as LED lighting and geyser timers to solar panels and heat pump systems, energy saving pool pumps and energy saving air-conditioners.